Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Patients  Research..

Dr Victor Gutierrez  is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Who strongly believes in researching before you pick a Physician that will perform the desired procedure.

Welcome to Dr. Victor Gutierrez  Surgical Clinic 

It´s Our mission  

Whether you are considering an elective cosmetic procedure or reconstructive surgery, my staff and I encourage each patient to carefully choose a surgeon whose training, credentials, expertise, commitment and judgment match his/her intuitive comfort level. From initial consult to post-surgical follow-up, our goal is to help create a stronger self-image, resulting in better quality of life for each of our patients.

Every pre-surgical consultation includes an in-depth discussion of individual, personality and expectations, as well as anatomy, tolerance, healing and tissue characteristics. The anticipated outcomes of the procedure under consideration, as well as the surgical techniques, are carefully reviewed.

It´s never to late to Start a new You!

Mommy Makeover Trend .. 

A growing number of women are undergoing mommy makeovers -- plastic surgery procedures that restore their post-pregnancy bodies.

Here are some images of a patient of ours that was amazed with her results. 

Before Surgery Images

After Undergoing what we know now as the Mommy makeover : Tummy Tuck, Breast lift without implants, no lipo but this possible it may differ from patient to patient, two flaps from the upper part of the gluteal area were used to create implants made of Dermo fat tissue to give her volume  

After Surgery Images

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